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Post Graduate Supervision Groups

Groups are facilitated by an AAMFT Approved Supervisor and LPC Approved Supervisor. Hours count towards clinical supervision requirments for pre-licensed MFT's and LPC's in the state of Tennessee

Please complete the supervision contact form or email me to be notified of upcoming groups.


Monthly Group Supervision
2024 TBA

Email me to join mailing list for upcoming dates

About Our Group

  • Modalities shared  may include but are not limited to Internal Family Systems, Hakomi Experiential Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Brainspotting, Ecotherapy, Non-Ordinary States of Consciousnes and any areas that you specialize in!

  • In addition to staffing cases, practicing interventions, sharing resources about trainings and services, our group will also be brave space for therapists interested in practicing intersectional, anti-oppression and decolonizing psychotherapy.

  • Our groups usually start with a short mindfulness or grounding exercise to support safety, authenticity, group cohesion, as our focus is person of the therapist and centering marginalized therapists and clients. 

  • My hope is you will leave each group feeling supported in practicing this deeply meaningful, courageous work, sustainably and with integrity. 

Monthly  Outdoor Somatic Ecotherapy Group Supervision 


A Group for Therapists specializing in Somatic and Nature based psychotherapy or just want to enjoy supervision outside and commune with our more than human world!

Please email me to be notified when this group starts back up

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